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The present Legal Notice governs the access and use of the website (hereinafter, the Website), owned by SUMMON PRESS S.L. (hereinafter, SUMMON PRESS.

The sole access to the Website of SUMMON PRESS, as well as of all or a portion of its contents and services, implies that USER (you) accept these Terms and Conditions in full. SUMMON PRESS may change the terms and conditions without previously alerting the user.

The user agrees not use this website in any way that causes, or may cause, damage to the website or impairment of the availability or accessibility of the website; or in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity. The user will respond for any damage that SUMMON PRESS or third parties may suffer as a result of the user non-compliance with any of the obligations related to the Contents.

SUMMON PRESS reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the Service at any moment and without prior notice to those Users who do not abide by these Terms and Conditions.


In compliance with Law 34/2002 of 11 July on “Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services”, SUMMON PRESS informs you that:

The company name is SUMMON PRESS SL.
The commercial name is SUMMON PRESS
Its TIN (CIF) is: B98112154
Its registered seat: CALLE HOSPITAL, 1 PUERTA 3 – 46001 VALENCIA (SPAIN).
It is registered in the Commercial Registry of Valencia, Volume 8991, Book 6276, Sheet 189.

For further information, you can contact SUMMON PRESS at the following email addresses:
All notices and communications between the users and SUMMON PRESS are deemed effective for all purposes, when conducted via post or any other means of listed above.


The website and its services are free of charge. However, SUMMON PRESS requires the following form to be filled out before some of the services offered can be used.

The user guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of all data communicated to SUMMON PRESS and will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statement being made.

The user expressly commits to making a proper use of content and services owned by SUMMON PRESS and not to use them to, inter alia:

a) Spread content with a criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, and offensive aim or in support of terrorism or, in general, against the law or public policy

b) Enter any computer virus or conduct any actions which may alter, damage, interrupt or generate errors or damage to electronic documents, data or hardware and software systems of SUMMON PRESS or third parties; and hinder access by other users to the website and its services through mass consumption of the computing resources through which SUMMON PRESS provides it services.

c)Try to access the email accounts of other users or restricted computer systems of SUMMON PRESS or third parties and, if applicable, extract information.

d) Infringe intellectual or industrial property or violate the confidentiality of the information of SUMMON PRESS or third parties.

e) Impersonate another user, the administration or a third party.

f) Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or otherwise publicly communicate, transform or modify the contents, unless permission is obtained from the copyright holder or it is legally permitted.

g) Collect data for advertising in order to send any kind of publicity and communications for the purpose of sale or other of a commercial nature without any prior request or consent.

All website content, including text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, as well as its graphic design and source codes belong to SUMMON PRESS, and no exploitation rights are granted to the User beyond what is necessary for the correct use of the web.

Briefly, users accessing this website may view the contents and carry out, if applicable, authorized private copies if such elements won’t be given to third parties or installed on servers connected to networks, or undergo any kind of exploitation.

Additionally, all trademarks, trade names or logos that appear on the website are the property of SUMMON PRESS, and using or accessing them does not confer the user any rights over them.

The distribution, modification, assignment or public communication of the contents and any other act are forbidden, unless expressly authorized by the owner of the rights of exploitation.Establishing a hyperlink does not necessarily imply any relation between SUMMON PRESS and the owner of the website on which it is established, nor SUMMON PRESS approval of its contents or services. SUMMON PRESS is not responsible for the use of the materials available on this web site or any actions users may carry out based on it.


The content of this website is purely informative. It does not necessarily guarantee an unrestrained access to all the contents, or their suitability for any particular purpose.

As long as allowed by law, SUMMON PRESS excludes by any mean any liability for any kind of damages due:

The inability to access the website or the lack of accuracy of the content, and the infringement of any sort of content available to those who can access the website.

Virus and other elements that may affect the system, electronic documents and users data.
Failure to comply with the laws, good faith, public order, and this Legal Notice as a consequence of users’ misbehavior. In particular, SUMMON PRESS is not responsible for the actions of third parties who infringe intellectual property, trade secrets, rights to honor, personal and family privacy and image, as well as the legislation on unfair competition and illegal advertising.
Moreover, SUMMON PRESS disclaims any responsibility for the information found outside this website and not managed by our webmaster. The links on this website solely aim to inform the user about other sources, which are likely to expand the contents offered by this website. SUMMON PRESS does not guarantee nor is held responsible for the linked sites; nor does it suggest, invite or recommend visiting them, thus, neither is it responsible for the results obtained. SUMMON PRESS is not responsible for the establishing of hyperlinks by third parties.


If any user or third party considers can demonstrate the illegal use of any content and/or any illegal activity having taken place on the web pages included or accessible through this web site, they must send notification to SUMMON PRESS duly identifying themselves, specifying the alleged violations and specifically stating that the authenticity of the provided information.


The administrative information provided through the website does not replace the legal publication of the laws, regulations, plans, general provisions, and acts that must be formally published in the official journals of the public administration. This is the only instrument that attests their authenticity and content. The information available on this website should be considered as a guide without any legal validity.


About Cookies
Cookies are small files that are installed on the computer or the device when you browse the web to keep track of your preferences and to remember them when you return. In SUMMON PRESS S.L we use them to customize your experience within our network, identify and remember the registered users.

No personal data is collected and an individual cannot be identified by the data collected. Therefore Summon Press considers you anonymous.

The user can set his browser to avoid cookies, in which case we will not be able to personalize your experience even though you will have access to all our contents.

You can read more about Cookies on Wikipedia (

2. What kind of cookies does Summon Press SL use?

Depending on how long they stay, cookies can be divided into session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies expire when the user closes their browser. Persistent cookies expire depending on when the purpose they serve has been met (e.g. so the user can continue to be identified on Summon Press’ websites and services) or when they are deleted manually.

Also, depending on their purpose, cookies can be classified as follows:

The video transmission speed that are compatible with your browser.
Video or sound player volume levels.
Performance cookies: this type of cookie saves your preferences regarding the tools in our services so you don’t have to keep configuring the service every time you visit. As an example, this type includes:

Geolocation cookies: these cookies check which country you are in, when you request a website or a service. They’re completely anonymous and only used to help match the content to your location.

Log files: These kinds of cookies are set once the user registers and their purpose is:

Keep the user identify even when he leaves the website. You can cancel these cookies by clicking on Exit.
Check if the user can access certain service, like participate in a survey or a contest.
Moreover, some services can use third-party cookies like Facebook, Twitter o Googl to allow users to register through Social Media.
Analysis cookies: every time the user visits a Website or Service, a tool of an external provider (Google Analytics, comScore or similar) generates an analysis cookie in the user’s device. This cookie, which is only generated during the visit, will be used during your visits to SummonPress services to identify users anonymously. The purposes are:

To count the number of visitors browsing the website and to identify their browsing trends over time.
To identify the most visited contents, and hence the content that users find most attractive
To find out if the user is a new or a repeat visitor.
Advertising cookie: these cookies improve the advertising displayed in SummonPress SL network. They store information about the interaction with ads and the user behavior. Moreover it allows us to show you only the kind of advertising you may be interested in.

SummonPress uses third party’s advertising tools to store cookies. These cookies have their own privacy policy.

SummonPress SL uses Google Adsense and Google Doubleclick (Google DFP) to manage this kind of service. Visit Google page to read more about their privacy policy.

3. How to disable cookies on your browser

Nowadays most browsers allow users to decide whether to accept cookies, and which ones. You can set it in Option or Preferences in the browser menu. These are the instructions to set cookies in your browser:

In Firefox, you can delete cookies by, first ensuring that cookies are to be deleted when you “clear private data” (this setting can be changed by clicking “Tools”, “Options” and “Settings” in the “Private Data” box) and then clicking “Clear private data” in the “Tools” menu.
In Google Chrome you can click “Options”, “Under the hood”, Content Settings in the “Privacy” section. Click on the Cookies tab in the Content Settings.
In Explorer you just need to find Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy -> Settings.
In Safari you can delete cookies by clicking “Preferences”, selecting the “Privacy” tab and “Remove All Website Data”

The above conditions shall be governed by Spanish legislation.

The language used will be Spanish